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Here’s How It Works

We begin working before we ever meet. We analyze your target market, and spy on your competitors. Everything is done custom and is built specifically for your law firm. We will also research your sales process, you’re sales goals, and your branding strategy.

There Is No Charge For This.

Which of course leads you to wonder, why would you do this analysis for me? Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how I get clients. The attorneys that I do an analysis for end up asking us to build and manage all of their marketing campaigns for them. So that is my “Motivation”.

This Is NOT A Sales Pitch.

You’ll get no pressure to become a client because we let the value of our work speak for itself. I will not ask you to become a client… We don’t need clients! I only do this because, I consistently find law firms that are being taken advantage of. The campaign we design for you (free of charge) will transform your practice. I guarantee it!

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Why do We Only Work with Law Firms?


We routinely find new clients that have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous small operators, I have even seen big box law firm marketing companies take $5,000 to $10,000 and even up to $20,000 in fees per month, and provide almost no benefit.

Unfortunately we can’t help everyone avoid the pitfalls. We limit our clients to insure that every campaign we undertake is performed with speed and expertise.

We have found that Attorney’s really want brutal honesty, trust, loyalty, massive effort and constant measurable improvement!

If you feel like you need some help or just some quick advice, then give us a call and we will give you some brutally honest advice, without a sales pitch.

Your clients expect results from your services. Shouldn’t you expect the same from your marketing partner?

Exclusive marketing company that specializes in offering maintained results.


Website Design for Law Firms

Including additional marketing tools to drive traffic and get results.

A law firm’s marketing campaign begins with an expertly designed website that will capture and engage attention, turning clicks into motivated potential clients.

The overall goal for a law firm’s website design is to generate a response from the visitor. Your clients will begin their search for an attorney by searching specific phrases regarding their legal questions or for an attorney that specializes in their exact legal problem.

When that person finds your website, it is important that this information be presented in a way that creates interest and develops trust.

SEO Friendly Web Design for Attorneys

When designing a website, it is important to keep Search Engine Optimization in mind from the very beginning. Many aspects of the website design and development will affect search rankings.


The Five Second Rule

When someone visits your site, the viewer will immediately make a decision as to whether they are interested in obtaining your services.

This usually happens within the first five seconds. If the viewer is not immediately moved at a gut level by what they see, they will simply leave your site.

Getting Clients to Respond

The goal of a successful design is to encourage the visitor to take some sort of action. For an attorney’s website, this action will be either picking up the phone and calling your law firm or submitting an inquiry.

Content Pages

Each page of the website can focus on a different practice area or topic. When the website is designed correctly, a search term will display the exact relevant page in the search results.

This is often not the homepage, so every content page is just as important as your home page.

Marketing Your Legal Practice Online

Having a vibrant, attractive, and lead producing website is critical for a legal firm to grow in today’s search engine dominating era.

Instead of running costly newspaper, television, radio, bill board ads, or paying for antiquated yellow page ads in the hopes that your ideal client will be paying attention at the right moment.

The internet works 24 hours a day, attracting local clients who are searching for your exact services right now.

Potential clients are searching right now to get help for their serious problems. They are searching for very specific attorney services or questions.

It pays to be focused and target for very specific search results. If the majority of your calls are from clients that do not have attractive cases or from clients who cannot afford your services, then you will be wasting valuable time and money.

Ideal Case

Like never before, individuals use the internet to search for specific key words to find which attorney has the most experience and knowledge. Your ideal clients are able to research several attorneys before they ever pick up the phone.

The internet helps the consumer by allowing them to find attorneys who specialize in their particular problem. From the attorney’s standpoint, search marketing allows you to focus on the cases that are most profitable.

Search Engine Perspective

Search results are designed to find solutions that best answer your client’s questions. The more detailed and helpful your information, the more likely other relevant sites are willing to link to your page as an authority on the topic.

The more relevant websites that link to your particular pages, the more likely your pages will show up in the search results. Search engine optimization is the process of making sure your content earns the right to rank for targeted questions and key phrases.

Search engines look at a variety of information:

  1. Well designed with an strong navigation system
  2. Frequent automated content creation
  3. Quality organization structure
  4. Unique high value content that is relevant to your topics
  5. Linking interior pages related to the main topic
  6. Pictures, images or videos related to main topic
  7. Local phone number and address related to a targeted geographical location
  8. Quality of other websites that link for search term used
  9. Outbound links to other local resources
  10. The level of user engagement across social media.
Marketing Goals

Law firm marketing involves a complex combination of website development, search engine optimization, content distribution and internet marketing.

At its core, a successful marketing strategy involves ranking above your competition in major search engines. For a lawyer, this can be achieved by having two things:

  1. A professionally developed, search-friendly website.
  2. A diverse link building strategy that uses quality content and carries your law firms branding and message throughout the web.

When these two elements are enhanced you will watch your search rankings consistently improve. However, the process of ranking can be made quicker with more aggressive PR options and extensive off page marketing.

If you’re interested in some advice regarding Law Firm Marketing, then call (480) 528-1023. Our search consultants will provide you with a realistic understanding of where you are now compared to your competitors, and learn how to aggressively close the gap if you are just starting out.


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