When you think of your site, do you think of:

An information packed site that covers interesting and engaging legal topics? And also focuses on sales messaging, with brief, compelling content that calls visitors to action and makes it easy for them to contact you.


Your Law Firm site is selling you with every Word, Image and Video.

Your website is not going to actually provide legal services. It does not advise, negotiate or litigate.

Your site is simply a marketing tool. It is designed to get people to contact you so you can provide legal services.

Providing information on legal issues can be useful, but most people care only for their own personal legal problems.

It is important to connect with visitors on their level and then communicate your experience and work to engender trust.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

You must understand the need to be visible on mobile devices.  Mobile is the direction the internet is headed.

With this trend, Google is making it a requirement that websites be mobile “friendly”.  Sites that are outdated and not visible on mobile devices are determined to be irrelevant in search results.

Lead Generation Sites

So what's better than getting a site on Google's first page? At the risk of insulting your intelligence, the answer is quite simple.


MULTIPLE sites on Google's first page search results.


So if you already have your main site ranking strong, or if that campaign is already under way, one of the best ways to drive additional return on investment is to launch what we call a lead generation site campaign that targets a very specific practice area for a very specific geographic area.

The model is simple. The idea is to build out multiple lead gen sites that focus around specific ranking targets.

We do need to adhere to onsite best-practices in order to rank these sites, and we do need to create and deploy a massive amount of high value unique content for a campaign like this.

This simple, “hiding in plain sight” strategy can literally double the influx of leads and clients.

We can deploy a complete redesign of you current home site, and develop and deploy a series of lead gen sites on your behalf and be live in usually 7 to 14 days.

Check out some site examples below:


Our Experience

For over 25 years our team has been developing marketing campaigns for many different industries, through multiple platforms.


We have experience in publishing local regional and national publications; this gives us a unique understanding of how to manage advanced content copy writing and syndication to insure results.

We have executed advanced event marketing campaigns for national youth and college sports organizations to increase turnout, create event advertising and negotiate official sponsorships.

For almost two decades we have provided marketing consulting, advertising, direct mail, copy writing, online and email marketing and other extensive fund raising and event marketing for multiple local and national charities that are committed to helping children and veterans.

Our developers and marketing staff have produced online marketing packages for local and national brands.

Our development team on website, video, and marketing production has helmed some of the largest projects around the world over the last 15 years.

Our team has produced many projects that have been visible on Time Warner, NBC, McDonalds, Subway, Quicken, and more.

Our development team has created web development and PR for hundreds of clients in a multitude of industries, ranging from entertainment, to construction and government infrastructure, with special focus now on the underserved legal industry.

Ranging from creating the animated materials for 80% of the digital textbooks released on iBooks 2, a project overseen by Steve Jobs himself.

Video Cover Creation of the first augmented reality marketing program for Marvel Entertainment video marketing appearing virtually on every cover of their issues for over a year.

All projects are strategically designed with your custom needs in mind. Every project has a long term marketing goal in mind, and design is strategized around that specific growth goal.

We have decided to take special focus on Law Firm Marketing for a very specific reason… After working with many industries, I have never seen a more underserved market than the attorney or law firm markets.

I have seen too many attorney’s seeking advice only to learn that they are paying big fees for very little legitimate PR services being done on their behalf.

I am committed to providing a high value service with measurable improvement for an affordable budget. Just give us a test on a month to month basis and you will see the difference very soon.

We have a vast network of talent at your disposal providing essential law firm marketing services including:

  • Web Development – A law firm’s marketing campaign begins with an expertly designed website that will capture and engage attention, turning clicks into motivated potential clients.
  • Copy Writing – Content is the most powerful tool that attorneys can use to achieve high search engine rankings and dominate the competition.  Information is the first thing that a consumer will seek out during the beginning stages of their search for an attorney. If you provide your highly informative content that contains value users will respond to your firm favorably.















  • Video Marketing – Creating a professional series of videos about your law firm remains the most cost-effect way to market your practice.  We work with you at every stage of the process from planning the video production, editing the video, uploading the videos to your website, distributing the video on your custom YouTube channel, and uploading the video to hundreds of other platforms for legal professionals.
  • SEO Campaigns – SEO basics are not difficult to understand. The goal of a search engine is to provide the user with the most relevant options in the search results.  The content of the page is extremely important to ranking well in search engines. Search engines will give more weight to a page that has unique and detailed information related to a legal topic.
  • Social Media Syndication – Creating and properly managing your Social Media profiles will assist in driving substantial traffic to your website.  Our Social Media services are often included as part of our comprehensive content creation and syndication to enhance your search marketing campaign.
  • Press Releases – Get Your Law Firm Featured on High Authority News Sites! Hundreds of news outlets will pick up your PR and publish it on their sites, resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites.  The links created by this process will bring authority, trust, and diversity to your online firm profile.

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