After your website has been designed and fully optimized, we begin to aggressively create and promote your high authority published content via our custom Law Firm Content PR Service.

Step One: Featuring E-Book, How to guides, Articles, Press Release Marketing

Our goal is to take your high authority content and make sure the world knows it exists. Unless we publicize your message to your market, how do you expect them to respond?

We create E-Books, Guides & articles on your behalf for two purposes.

  1. Shape public perception to view you as a high authority expert. (Instant Trust)
  2. Media outlets pick up your story, which leads to strong back links, interviews and high converting lead magnets. (Which produces instant interest, searches, clicks, calls, clients, and cases)

We utilize an in house technology that allows us to scour coverage from journalists with a proven track record of reviewing and featuring similar content.

Our all-inclusive content marketing packages promote your content which gives it the best possible chance of becoming a high authority lead generating success.

Step Two: Law Firm Lead Capture Sales Funnel

The best way to convert website traffic into leads is to send them through a page that’s usually called a lead magnet, or opt in offer.

While people often use different names to describe this page, the goal for all of them is the same: offer an exclusive E-Book or How to Guide in exchange for someone giving you their email address. That’s the core of an opt-in sales development funnel.

Here’s the basic framework, but don’t forget that you can easily add other pages to further customize your sales funnel.

The first page is your opt in page. This is where you are going to offer your visitors something in exchange for their email address.

After they give you their email address they are then taken to your download page. Where you will give them access to their free E-Book or guide.

Capturing the contact information for a prospective client is the most important part of a digital marketing campaign. That information can be used to market directly to your interested prospects.

Step Three: Law Firm Local

If your law firm has not claimed a local business listing profile on Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Maps then you are missing out on powerful forms of search marketing.

Local map listings can be one of the most valuable and cost-effective marketing tools that attorneys can use to capture search results.

Google has recently placed more emphasis on Google Places, optimizing your local business listing has become even more important.

Many attorneys think that obtaining the top placement on Google is just a matter of luck. The top placements in mapped listings require consistent optimization. Local search marketing has become the most widely used method for finding services for a local business.

It takes more than creating a map listing to be featured on the maps. The work necessary to do this is often very time-consuming for an attorney with a busy practice.

Local Mobile Search

People who use their phone to perform a search often use Google Places instead of using Google’s organic listings. These same individuals are more likely to use the organic listings from their home or office computer. Optimizing for both is required for top placement.

Local Unclaimed Listing

Search engines will create local map listings automatically. Even if you don’t create your listing, you may have a listing that you are not even aware of. The problems with having an unclaimed listing are:

  • The unclaimed listings are unlikely to rank
  • You will be unable to respond to reviews
  • The unclaimed listings may have outdated or inaccurate information
  • Another business can actually hijack your unclaimed listing


There are several important factors to optimizing a local map listing:

  • Categories – When setting up or editing your local listing, you will have the option to choose the categories to be listed under. This is one of the most important factors for local map optimization.


  • Local Descriptions – Your local listing will have fields that let you describe your business such as: description, about, company information, services, hours, payment methods, etc. You can also create your own custom description fields. It is important to fill in these fields with as much text as possible. Be concise in describing your services and traits that set your firm apart.


  • Local Reviews – Positive reviews will rank very well in search results. Reviews can be pulled into the listing from multiple sources. Advise your best clients to do this whenever possible, particularly on Google Places.

Make sure that the reviews are generated by someone who has benefited from your legal services. Search engines can typically detect and punish for fake reviews.


Local Map Listing:

Our approach includes:

  • Optimized and well-written information about your law firm
  • Handpicked custom categories that describe your most profitable practice areas
  • Proper category service areas and locations settings
  • Tagged photos of your law office, city, and profile pictures for your law firm
  • Effectively optimized videos that describe the firm’s practice areas
  • Creating online “citations” and back links to increase the rank of your map listings

Local business listings have become increasingly competitive as attorneys learn more about how profitable those listings are to their legal practice.

Step Four: Aggressive Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

SEO basics are not difficult to understand. SEO for a law firm’s website is based on several straightforward factors.

When a search engine crawls a web page, it will then follow every link found on that web page and continue its journey across the internet. The data it collects on this journey is used to weigh the quality of a website and determine rankings.

Search engines will give special consideration to certain words and phrases on a page based on where the words are located. Words in the Title, Header, and Meta Tags will be given more weight than other words on the page.

Ranking Pages

The goal of a search engine is to provide the user with the most relevant options in the search results. A search engine algorithm will rely on several important factors to return the most relevant search results.

Page Relevance

The content of the page is extremely important to ranking well in search engines. Search engines will give more weight to a page that has unique and detailed information related to a legal topic.

Link Analysis

Another important factor is links to your site from other relevant websites. Search engines will perform a Link Analysis by investigating how pages link to each other, and the quality of the sites involved. Links from relevant high value websites are beneficial for SEO.

Link Popularity

Search engines will rank pages higher if they are more relevant than other pages. One factor that influences this ranking is link popularity. A web page that has high-quality links pointing to it from other websites will naturally rank higher in search engines.

Link Quality

Quality is more important than quantity. Having thousands of links pointing to your site will not help the rankings if the links are from pages that do not contain relative content. It is important to build links that are from websites that are directly related to the subject matter of your website.

Page Rank

Google has developed a ranking system that measures the relevance or importance of a web page based on a scale of 0-10. Pages on an attorney website typically range from a 1 to 5 in scale (with 5 being the preferred rating).

Time and Longevity

Time is another important factor with SEO. If a website has been scanned and indexed multiple times, it will have a stronger weight than a site that has only been indexed once.

Step Five: Law Firm Custom Authority Content

Content is the most powerful tool that attorneys can use to achieve high search engine rankings and dominate the competition.

Information is the first thing that a consumer will seek out during the beginning stages of their search for an attorney. If you provide your highly informative content that contains value users will respond to your firm favorably.

Keyword Research

The most important step when getting started with a campaign is keyword research. It is important to understand what key phrases consumers are typing into search engines when they are searching for legal services.

Highly targeted keywords are also the most competitive, the more competitive the longer it takes to rank highly.

Social Media

Search engines love social media sites because they are extremely popular and are updated frequently with fresh content.

Social engagement shows search engines that your firm provides something of value and should be ranked accordingly.

Social media pages that are not updated consistently provide little benefit. It is important that there is some regular activity occurring. By networking with friends and making regular posts you can keep the page fresh with new content.

Relevance is also a factor. It will not be helpful If you have a website that is about a legal topic, and a social media site that is not.

Using a Blog

Blogs are a form of social media that can be an extremely powerful tool for attorneys, because they allow attorneys to publish unique and interesting content.

Consumers will use the internet to search for very specific information about their legal situation. A good blog will rank highly for these searches and increase the amount of traffic to your website.

Using Press Releases

A press release is an announcement to the press about a specific advancement or change within your firm.

A strong online marketing campaign will consist of regularly published press releases about interesting topics and firm updates.

Well-Written Articles

An article that is well-written and informative can have a profound effect on your website, extending beyond the benefit of relevant links.

Articles can be published either on or off your website. It is good to use a combination of both. There are plenty of article sites that are popular and highly relevant to the legal industry.

Article marketing can increase traffic and further strengthen your websites rankings. An interesting and informative article can be picked up by other websites and re-published further increasing your exposure.

Step Six: Video Marketing for Law Firms

Creating a professional series of videos about your law firm remains the most cost-effect way to market your practice.

We work with you at every stage of the process from planning the video production, editing the video, uploading the videos to your website, distributing the video on your custom YouTube channel, and uploading the video to hundreds of other platforms for legal professionals.

Websites for attorneys that have video perform better than sites that do not have video. Anyone looking for an attorney is looking for a strong authoritative voice in the courtroom.

Your clients want to see you, hear you speak, find out more about your personal style, and find out more about your practice.

Conversion Rates

Attorneys who add a video to their website see their conversion rate jump dramatically.

No matter how much traffic your website receives, unless you are converting those visitors into paying clients then your efforts are being wasted. Video can compel your clients to engage with you at a very personal level.

Creating a Video

The best topics for the attorney’s videos are those same topics that your potential clients are most interested in early in their case before they have settled on hiring an attorney.

Do you find yourself saying the same things again and again during your first meeting with a potential client? If so, consider a video on that exact topic.

If you are thinking about creating a series of videos for your website you might be asking yourself – “What do we talk about?”

  • Create a short video (2 minutes or less) on each of your major practice areas
  • Answer the general questions that come up again and again during initial consultations for each practice area.
  • Then create a video talking about what motivated you to become an attorney in your particular practice area.
  • Talk about what your law firm does to be active in the legal community.
  • Talk about the work that your law firm does to give back to the community.



Exclusive Law Firm Marketing Campaign Design, Up Front, For Free!

Here's How it Works.

We begin working before we ever meet. We analyze your target market, and spy on your competitors. Everything is done custom and is built specifically for your law firm after we’ve had a chance to research your sales process, you’re sales goals, and your branding strategy.

There Is No Charge for This.

Which of course leads you to wonder, “Why would you do all of this analysis for me”? Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how I get clients. The attorneys that I do this for end up asking us to build and manage all of their marketing campaigns for them. So that’s my “Motivation” for doing this.

This is NOT a Sales Pitch.

You’ll get no pressure to become a client because we let the value of the work speak for itself. I will not ask you to become a client… We don’t need clients! I only do this because, I consistently find law firms that are being taken advantage of, and it is starting to really bother me and my team. The campaign we design for you, for free, we will transform for your business. I guarantee it.

If you’d like a free customized marketing campaign, contact us to get started.

Why do we Only Work with Law Firms?

We routinely find new clients that have been taken advantage of in the past by unscrupulous small operators, and I have even seen big box law firm marketing companies that take $5,000 to $10,000 to $20,000 in fees per month, that provide almost no benefit.

Unfortunately we can’t help everyone to avoid the pitfalls. We limit our clients to insure that every campaign we undertake is performed with speed and expertise.

We have found that Attorney’s really want brutal honesty, trust, loyalty, massive effort, and constant measurable improvement!

If you feel like you need some help or just some quick advice, then give us a call & we will give you some brutally honest advice, without a sales pitch.

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