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$507 MUST-HAVE Marketing Campaign

MUST-HAVE Marketing Campaign (Social Media Posting and a Monthly e-Newsletter)

This program merges two campaigns that every business needs. Daily Social Media posting and a monthly email newsletter. Typically, business owners just do not have the time, energy, or the budget to hire a full-time marketing person so this just doesn't get done.

We all know this is important and gets ignored (myself included). I developed this program for my own use to address my lack of focus on my own business. Why is this a must-have?

Daily Social Media posting. Posting content that connects with your potential client base on a daily basis serves to position you as the "thought leader" or authority in your field which encourages them to call you when their need arises.

An email monthly newsletter reduces develops long-term connections with clients and potential clients helping you to minimize your reliance on costly client acquisition strategies as it serves to maintain the relationship's you've already earned. Even if you are a one-time service, it still pays benefits by way of "top of mind" awareness and referrals.

We are only offering this product to a maximum of one attorney per market.  So, if you are interested reach out to us now.


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