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Paid Search / Google AdWords can be a business killer if not managed properly.

It's easy to spend thousands of dollars with $0 return.  We have teamed with one of the foremost experts in PPC campaign design, implementation, and tracking.  We typically see conversion rates above 10%.  With our unique analysis process, we can determine if you could benefit from paid search.

Taking the example image, an actual client of ours, we went from just over breaking even to 19 leads in one week.  Even using a modest lead to case ratio of 1 out 5, this example week would have yielded four new cases (I'm rounding up slightly).  As we have already determined the minimum and average revenue generated by case type we can quickly say this yielded between $3,200 to $10,000 (that is based on a minimum case value of $800 and an average of $2,500).  So, we calculate his ROMI (return on marketing investment) to be 3:1 minimum and 10:1 average, earning $10 for every $1 spent on the campaign.

Contact us to schedule an analysis call.  We walk through this process with you and help you determine if we can run a profitable campaign on your behalf.


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