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Each of our designs can be customized to your brand's colors, logo, content, and high-quality images to match your business, location, or whatever works for you. 

We Don't Hide Our Pricing - We are Proud of It.


Either we work on it until you're satisfied or we return your money. No fine print here.

Web Design Series 1

$1,500 One-Time

$99 Monthly

Optional: Add $30 monthly for live dashboard reporting

Web Design Series 2

$2,500 One-Time

$99 Monthly

Optional: Add $30 monthly for live dashboard reporting

Web Design Enterprise

$5,000+ One-Time Custom Design

$99 Monthly

Optional: Add $30 monthly for live dashboard reporting

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What's Included With Our Services?

What is Included with the Secure Your Website Plan?

Using a global content delivery network with an SSL certificate will allow us to secure your website (ie. green bar/lock in the browser) while simultaneously increasing your website's delivery speed and making it more difficult for hackers to gain entry to your website.

You do not have to change your hosting for us to implement this solution.

We will need access to your domain name so we can update the records once we have everything set up. You will experience no downtime with this service as your website transitions to the new security setup.

Why do we offer this so cheap?

We have found by offering such a high-value service to law firms at such a reasonable rate it gives us the opportunity to help you, build trust, and perhaps assist you in other ways as needed.  

What is Included with the Responsive Design Series 1 Plan?

Our Design Series 1 Plan is geared for those who need a new website, or redesign of an existing site. 

Monthly Reporting includes setup for Google Analytics, Search Console, Rank Tracking, AdWords, Facebook, etc. in one Live Dashboard with client login.

All of our websites in this package include:

  • Mobile friendly design, hosted on our servers, includes SSL - monthly hosting fee is required on this plan.
  • Choose from our library of templates
  • Includes 10 PRO Stock Photos Industry Specific
  • Import existing content from the current site up to 10 pages of text/image content. If no content is available we will provide 5 starter pages with "Lorem Ipsum" dummy text.
  • Client can create unlimited pages. 
  • Basic On-Page SEO Optimization - H1, H2, H3, tags, Alt tag images
  • 6-month commitment or client can buy out remaining payments to keep their website.
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • 2 rounds of revisions to design and text. Additional revisions are charged at $50 per hour.
What is Included with the Responsive Design Series 2 Plan?

Our Design Series 2 Plan is geared for those who need a modern optimized new website, or redesign of an existing site. 

Monthly Reporting includes setup for Google Analytics, Search Console, Rank Tracking, AdWords, Facebook, etc. in one Live Dashboard with client login.

All of our sites in this package include:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Choose from our expanded library of designs or send us an example design you like and we will determine if we can build it within this plan's pricing.
  • Includes 20 PRO Stock Photos (location or practice area specific)
  • Up to 5 custom designed pages
  • Import existing content from your current site of to 20 pages, unlimited if you have a WordPress based website now and access to it.
  • Basic On-Page SEO (Htags, Titles, Alt tag images)
  • 6-month commitment or client can buy out remaining payments to keep their website
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • 3 rounds of revisions to design and text. Additional revisions are charged at $50 per hour.
Why Add the Optional Live Dashboard Reporting?

Law Firm marketing is a competitive endeavor. Imagine having an instant overview of all your marketing efforts and their results in real time.

That is what our Live Dashboard system does. We can integrate with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, paid search like Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, form and call conversions, and dozens of other KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) which you would like tracked.

Why Should I Host My New Website With You?

We service and support what we sell.  Our $50 managed hosting service includes the following benefits to you:

1. Daily backups with a rolling 90 days saved. This ensures that should your website break due to a WordPress theme, plugin, or core update, we can have it live again in minutes.

2. We use servers which we control. Typically, you will be on a VPS or Cloud Server which runs on SSD (solid state drives, not spinning drives, which are much faster and more reliable), has been optimized for WordPress, and will outperform shared hosting in terms of speed, reliability, etc.

3. We perform automatic updates of all plugins, themes, and the WordPress core. This includes paid themes and plugins not found in the WordPress Repository. This keeps your site running smoothly and securely. Most security breaches/hacks are due to outdated plugins, themes, or the WordPress version being outdated.

4. Performance scans are run twice per week. This identifies any issues which might be slowing down your website.

5. Security scans are done twice per week. This looks for malware, hacks, and checks the blacklists to ensure your domain is clean, as well as its reputation.

6. Our servers only include our clients. This is a big issue, as your website won't be included with spammy, poorly maintained, or websites with questionable content. We support our clients on our hosting. You can speak directly with one of our small team of professionals if there are issues, not the customer service rep of the day. This is a significant value we provide to you.

7. Up-time monitoring. We have real-time up-time monitoring with alerts set up to notify us should any website in the system go down for any amount of time.

8. We include SSL as standard on our hosting. This is the green lock in the browser, it is becoming increasingly important as a ranking signal to search engines and is expected by internet users more and more.

9. Hosting with us is required for our packages. This ensures we can deliver our design and support services with as little up-front out of pocket expense as possible to you. This helps us maintain the hundreds of dollars of paid plugins and themes that we put into each website, no matter the plan.

10. Easy Cancel and Move Option.  We offer an incredible amount of value on our hosting, however, should you decide to cancel with us, we will move your website to a hosting account of your choice for a small fee, or provide you with a complete backup which you can install elsewhere.

We Offer Full Service with Our Websites


Mobile Friendly

Over 1/2 of all web traffic is mobile. You are losing this traffic if your website is not responsive.

Secure Websites

A Security Certificate (SSL) instills confidence and increases your website's ability to rank.

Fast Hosting

Your site should load fast. Prospects are not known to patiently wait .

Traffic Reporting

Know how many visitors are coming to your website each month and how many convert.


Designed For You

Your website will look like you paid a fortune, but only you will know how inexpensive it was.

Increase Sales

Our websites are built to convert web visitors into leads which you can turn into sales.

SEO Optimized

Your website needs to be optimized for both search engines and visitors.

30 Days or Less

Our websites are built better, faster, and cost you far less. You will be amazed at our value.

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How Optimized is Your Current Website?


You can also compare your website to a competitor's website by clicking the "+Competitor URL" in the form.

What's Your SEO Score?

Enter a web page address and the keyword or search term you're trying to rank for.

Search Marketing:  Here is a breakdown to let you know in simple terms what we can do for a couple different Advanced SEO Budget Options.

We are very flexible when it comes to the budget, as long as you are consistent you will see improvement. Our SEO campaigns are specifically designed to Create and Syndicate Optimized Geo-Targeted Content, then Boost it with Enterprise Level Outreach and PR.

Results = Higher Rankings For more Key Phrases, More Visitors, which leads to More Calls. We also include all Google Business and maps optimization to enhance mobile and local maps listings.

Our Guarantee:

We don't ask you to sign a long term contract, I only like to work with Happy Clients! This is an exclusive arrangement... Meaning: I will not work with any other firm that is a direct competitor.

Step One: Authority Backlinks

Links are still a critical element to ranking your website in Google. Backlinks from other authoritative categorically related websites are like votes in Google's algorithm. The more of these "votes" you have, the higher your rankings will be.

Building backlinks from other web properties is a hugely important strategy when it comes to search engine optimization and getting your site to rank. Sites with a larger amount of quality backlinks versus a competitor can easily influence the search engine results, essentially telling your search engine what site is more popular.

We can help build authoritative backlinks pointing to specific pages on your site from relevant and topically related websites to help your site rank better for your focus keywords. Our team has specialized in this service and knows what it takes to get it done in the fiercest of markets.

Step Two: Targeted Landing Pages

Designing and building location specific landing pages for your site is one of the most effective ways to rank highly for local search results. Whether you're wanting to target all of the outlying communities surrounding your office, or set up drip feeding out fresh content for your blog each month, we can help provide a solution.

Our targeted landing pages aren't thin duplicate content type pages, these are real pages that are verified unique on the web, that integrate dynamic location-rich content utilizing Google Maps, local cities, and more into each page to ensure its uniqueness.

We can generate a city list surrounding a specific mile radius around your area of service to help your rankings in various communities, not just the town your office address is in.

This is powerful content creation that is built to rank. We can include rank tracking reports for the various key phrases we are targeting so you can see the traction yourself.

Step Three: PR Service

This is a very high-quality press release service. Our team of specialized US press release writers are now offering express versions of our top press release service spanning across multiple distribution channels.

In this package there is a 98% chance that your release will be featured in Google News, and will certainly be listed in authority news sites such as The Boston Globe, MercuryNews, The Daily Herald, The Press Enterprise and literally hundreds, sometimes thousands more.

This is a very effective way of increasing brand awareness and generating a surge of new and diverse backlinks for your site. In many instances, we see that you will actually receive direct contact from interested readers from the exposure of these press releases.

All Press Release projects come with an emailed PDF report detailing a summary of all sites up to that point that have picked up the press release on their network, including lives links to click and see your article featured on their site.

Elder Needs Law Firm Video Case Study

From 0 visitors on a new law firm site to 10,000+ visitors per month!

Personal Injury Search Case Study

Location Based Maps Search, check out some local maps rank tracking for a Personal Injury Law Firm.

Criminal Defense Search Case Study

Location Based Maps Search, check out some local maps rank tracking for a Criminal Defense Law Firm.

Social Security Disability Search Case Study

Location Based Maps Search, check out some local maps rank tracking for a Social Security Disability Law Firm.

Immigration Search Case Study

Location Based Maps Search, check out some local maps rank tracking for a Immigration  Law Firm.

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